About Cassio Vieira
of Duvio Studio

Get to know Cassio Vieira, the face of Duvio Studio, who specializes in logo & brand design. Based in the the USA, Cassio works with anyone domestically and internationally to bring your brand to new heights. Need a logo and/or brand design? Then contact Cassio today.

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My Design Journey

In 2006, I made a decision to attend a trade school that would pave my career in design. Four years later, I pursued a Graphic Design degree at Bridgewater State University where I grew my design knowledge and portfolio.

It was in early 2015 that I landed my first fulltime job designing advertisements and brochures for Greenwood Distributors, a distributor of BG Products that provides preventive maintenance solutions.

Later in 2015, I would accept a fulltime graphic artist position at Franklin Sports where I create product graphics and packaging for professional sports teams in the MLB, NHL, NFL, and MLS. I also design logos, brand identities, catalogs, and much more for multiple categories.

When I’m not working at Franklin Sports, I’m running Duvio Studio where I work on my personal projects and help clients build their respective brand. I plan on growing Duvio Studio by providing quality design to my clients and by being a reliable resource to my fellow designers.

Want a logo or brand design quote?

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